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Daily Needs

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Al Ejib Virgin Coconut Hair Oil with Olive Oil

A combination of two oils, that are known for their numerous benefits, including the simulation of h..


Anugerah Lotion ( Sweet Floral)

Natural ingredients including avocado, kaffir lime, and minyak kayu putih, help to burn fat and expe..


Anugerah Lotion (Apple Garden)

Made of 7 traditional herbs that will keep your skin moist with the fragrance of garden apples...


Buah Keras (Candlenut) Hair Oil

Candlenut oil is known for making the hair dark and lustrous. It also works in preventing hair loss ..


D'Herbs Virgin Coconut Oil

Enjoy the benefits of virgin coconut oil in preventing hair loss and encouraging the growth of new ..


Godokan Sirih

Natural antiseptic that can be used as part of your daily hygiene routine...


Safi Sari Gamat Face Cleanser (Mentimum/Cucumber)

Pore tightening facial cleanser with cucumber extract and habbatus sauda. Deeply cleanses to remove ..


Safi Shayla Black Healthy Shine

With Habbatus Sauda (Black Seed) and sheen lock, for hair that is black and shiny...


Safi Shayla For Damaged Hair

For damaged hair control, with Habbatus Sauda (Black Seed) and added amino complex , to treat and he..


Safi Shayla Fresh Bounce Shampoo

Formulated with black seed and enriched with Nano Lipid enhancer to remove oil and clean scalp effec..


Safi Shayla Hair Fall Control

Hair loss is often associated with hijab wearing women due to restricted air flow. SAFI Shayla Anti ..


Safi Shayla Smooth and Manageable Shampoo

Formulated with black seed and protein to enhance hair structure and prevent hair loss...


Safi Talcum - Big

A fine and gentle talcum powder with mixed floral fragrance and Vitamin E for soft and radiant skin ..